Products Offered

1SUN’s Products (for details on the ready and under prototyping products, please see Brochure) can be applied as:

1.) SmartPV modules: Solar power is obtained through PhotoVoltaic Modules, installed on residential or industrial areas, generating electric current from the Sunlight captured. Since a traditional light harvesting technology captures only wavelengths in the visible range (370-750 nm). Thanks to the Patented Technology, the derived Innovative PhotoVoltaic Modules (SmartPV modules) are capable of absorbing, along with the normalized direct and indirect radiation of the sun, also the high Energy UV part (290 – 370 nm) of the solar spectrum. This means that our innovative PV modules guarantee a +12% of output energy production when compared to Traditional Modules.

2.) Wavelength Conversion FIlm (WCF): Proven (Tested on cSi-PV) to enhance the output power from existing Si-PV panels by 12 %, thanks to its Light Energy Down Conversion capability, via which the Patent Filed material converts PART of the UV Energy at AM1.5 conditions, into Visible ENERGY, in specific transmitting a peak-sharp Red emission, where the Si-PV is active.

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