1SUN believes that R&D, if conducted, in close contacts within similar groups, can bring wonders to this world! Since then it will be collaborative Research, rather than competitive Research.
Each Researcher can thereby feel like part of a team, aiming at a common goal of bringing into this world something innovative and in most cases at low cost for common people’s usage.
With this AIM 1SUN is in constant search for collaborators round the world to speed up the technology attainment, at low cost, and making sure that it reaches the common human, especially where power is needed to run daily appliances.
In particular towards the fulfilment of this aim, 1SUN is currently in contact with various R&D institutes in and around Trieste to collaborate for the mutually beneficial objective of bringing into the market a working prototype of 1SUN’s prime product.
Presently collaboration/outsourcing terms are in the pipeline with the  following companies:
FuturaSun SRL
Currently 1SUN has active collaborations with FuturaSun S.R.L. , Coveme SpA (LOI).
On the contrary, if You are interested to collaborate with 1SUN, please drop in with your request along with your relevant background details via email to: or fill in the form in Contact section.

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