As an added complementarity, 1SUN has come in JVP with NanoTechEnergies, through which it will produce added demand for 1SUN’s produced photovoltaics, via creating of 100% CLEAN energy BASED recharging parking spaces for its fleet of electric vehicles, including BMW i3, Tesla for off road, SEGWAYs for commuting in city centers, and predefined bicycle tracks/walking zones. Please read out General Terms and Conditions along with Privacy Policy and Regulations and undersign a copy along with your I.D. card scanned copy, to our mail id: info@nanotechenergies.it before any type of use of our Electric Vehicles, from among the FLEET of vehicles of NanoTechEnergies and its collaborators. Failure to follow the guidelines as stated under the General Terms and Conditions as well as the PRECAUTIONS to read before using our Electric Vehicles, will render the user SOLE responsible of the derived consequences.

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