1Sun Ltd. is aimed at the successful transfer of extensive R&D efforts in identifying innovative Renewable Energy sources, to their large scale industrial production. Founded by Dr. Sumeet Kumar, Engineer and PhD, 1SUN aspires to partner with top Research institutes and industries particularly in Italy, India and various other Solar prominent regions of the World.
The pure nanomaterials (production cost of c.a. 1.08 euro/gm) are also available for independent selling OR to be inserted at the EVA (existing PV encapsulate) level, while the recipe can be given under Licensing , under the name Hybrid Nano Materials (hNMs);
The hNMs incorporated into UV transparent PLEXI renders a product coined by us as: Wavelength Conversion Film (WCF) which comprises of a commercially available UV transparent polymeric matrix, encapsulating inside the UV to Vis. conversion Hybrid Nanomaterials (hNMs).
These hNMs, are proven to sustain a temperature of 350º C, under pure oxygen environment, and are found to have a constant sharp (with a small FWHM) SINGLE Wavelength, RED (614 nm) laser like emission, on the advent of excitations from 290-370 nm (UV excitation**).
The hNMs are transparent to Visible light, and having the lanthanide element, europium, in doped quantity, as the core Continuous Wave; Single Wavelength-RED emitter, via. hopping of UV energy through TWO organic molecules (intercalated/Stabilized inside the layered structure of the nanocomposite), having Energy transfer rates in the order of nanoseconds (ns), emits the PROLONGED (Due to Decay lifetime of the RED/Eu3+ emission of the order of microseconds), RED emission with a continuous PUMPING (Inter State Coupling-ISC) to the europium atom, stabilized via self assembly along wih the TWO organic chelates, into the 2D layer of the Layered Double Hydroxide like hNMs.

Green cylinder = Organic intercalates/Chelating molecules. Blue 2D layers = M(II), M(III) ions, +ve charge is created onto 2D layers via. mole imbalance compensated via. organic groups. Orange pyramids = M(III) sites replaced in real time, via. Lanthanide (EUROPIUM), RED pyramids.

Towards RetroFiTTING the existing and under performing “incentivized” PV plants, 1SUN is deploying its first production plant at PILOT scale, covering a maximum of 5 MWp of PV Modules, intervening at EVA level and installing them as ‘mixed’ Strings, doped with the hNMS/WCF technology, especially at the EVA level interventions, which doesn’t need a TUV Re-Certification of the whole module.
As a part of its Industrialization and hence as an expansion process, 1SUN has now access to the Founders’ Italian Patent, Granted on 19-06-2015 and lately conferred by Dr. Kumar into 1SUN via Capital raise, which is being used as ‘entry’ criteria into various markets of interest to 1SUN, having extended the Italian Patent in NINE regions of the world since 01-09-2015, and lately GRANTED in: Italy, EU/EPO, Israel, USA, Australia, China, Malaysia while under prosecution in INDIA, Canada, Brazil; benefiting with an excellent 100% POSITIVE European Patent Office (EPO) International Search Report, on its International filing (25-02-2014).
Dr. Kumar’s  Patent entitled “HYBRID COMPOSITE NANOMATERIALS” is now published with the following number: WO2014132183.


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